An Introduction To Meditation

The busy lifestyles of people today have paved the way for the rise in popularity of meditation. It is a pleasant way of quieting the minds of people who are constantly exposed to noise and stress.

The whole objective of meditation is to allow people to concentrate their senses on one particular element. This can be their breathing, their sight or the sounds they hear. According to Dr. Joan Borysenko, a mind and body medical specialist, meditation can refer to any activity that focuses the mind on the present. This can refer to any activity that frees a person from the fears of the past or worries of the future.

There are two basic approaches to meditation. The first is called concentrative meditation. It involves focusing the mind to one particular natural element such as sound or breathing. It can be comparable to a camera lens that has the ability to zoom in on a particular object. A famous example of concentrative meditation is breathing meditation. Here, a person tries to concentrate on his or her breathing until such a time when it becomes slow and calm. This state of breathing reflects a relaxed consciousness, one that is free from any anxieties or worries.

The second approach to meditation is called mindfulness meditation. Unlike concentrative meditation, the aim of mindfulness meditation is for the person to be able to pay attention to every detail of his or her surroundings. However, the challenge is for the person not to react to any of these happenings. The idea is to just let these things pass by the person’s mind, like a wind that smoothly swifts through the air.

Meditation is known to bring a lot of benefits to an individual. For instance, it has been found that it can improve a person’s breathing and pulse rate. It also sharpens people’s reaction to their surroundings, making them more alert to various factors in their environment.

By Eddie Tobey


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