Learn Meditation – How to Meditate & Easily Experience Deep, Blissful Peace
August 18, 2008

Would you like to learn meditation?

It can be incredibly confusing with all of the different information about meditation out there to know where to begin.

But after attaining very high states of meditation, I can easily help you do the same.

This article will teach you a true and easy way to meditate so you will be on the road to attaining, deep, nurturing states of peace.

First, why would you want to meditate?

Anyone that is interested in experiencing greater, peace, bliss, love and joy in their lives would want to meditate. It can improve your health, make you more successful, and become a better person. All of this happens out of the new sense of peace and bliss that you will experience.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of being aware in the present moment.

All of your problems stem from the fact that you are identified with your mind. So whatever thought or emotion arises, you identify with it, you define yourself with it. The mind exists in a constant state of conflict. There is you and the world and the need to survive in it. This is great when you lived in a cave, fought for your territory and killed your food and enemies, but in our world today, living in a state of conflict makes you less able to succeed and work with others. It keeps you stressed and unbalanced.

If you are lost in your emotions about a situation, it is harder to make a good decision, and most of all, you lose your sense of peace and balance.

So rather than living the roller coaster ride of identifying with every thought and emotion that arises, meditation teaches us how to be present, to become aware of these thoughts and feelings instead of being controlled by them. By being present and becoming a witness to your mind, you discover your true nature, which is always present. And that nature is love, peace and bliss. This has been said for thousands of years by masters of meditation that your natural experience when you step away from the identification with the mind is one of unconditional love, peace and bliss..

Let’s begin:

The first thing you need to do is to sit comfortably, with your back straight as possible. Physical stillness is first, because if you are moving around, it will be much more difficult to be present.

The second thing you need to do is close your eyes. If your eyes are closed, you will be less distracted by what is around you.

The third thing to do is to allow yourself to be as you are. Allow whatever thoughts and feelings are there to be. We are not trying to change anything about yourself but rather accept yourself as you are. Accept your present experience completely. Because in acceptance, you no longer become involved with it, you no longer are identified with it. You see your experience is as it is.

Your thoughts come by themselves, feelings come by themselves and all of this is fine. Let them come and go without making any of it important. This is your experience in the moment, let it be as it is.

Automatically by doing this there will be peace. Just by doing this your whole world can change. Even if your experience is stress and unhappiness. If you allow the stress and unhappiness, there will be incredible peace. You will find a much deeper happiness underneath it all.

The fourth thing to do is watch your breathing. The great thing about breathing is that it is always happening now. So if you are watching your breathing, you are present. So notice the feeling of the breath moving in and out of your nostrils, or notice the sound of your breathing. Either one is fine. This helps keep you breathing.

So if your eyes are closed, you are noticing your breathing and you are allowing whatever thoughts, emotions and sensations to be as they are, then you are meditating! The more you can simply allow and witness your experience rather than become involved your experience, the deeper you will go into peace. And this peace in meditation can heal your physical, emotional and mental problems. It can lead to an incredible sense of love and joy that radiates out of you without reason or cause.

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